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PiplShare Project
PiplShare is a blockchain based job-board ecosystem, where employers and candidates can realize their potential.
Every single user profile is unique and exposed to constant estimation-validation process.
The mission of PiplCoin is to provide high grade liquidity for a blockchain based project called PiplShare.
About PiplCoin
A cryptocurrency is a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange using cryptography to secure the transactions and to control the creation of additional units of the currency. Cryptocurrencies are a subset of alternative currencies, or specifically of digital currencies.
World Population Clock
World Population Clock
PiplCoin uses estimates of the world population over the course of history and prehistory, as well as projections of future developments.

In summary, estimates for the progression of world population since...
Liquidity Pool
Liquidity Pool
At the presale, PiplCoin will issue the final amount of tokens, according to the World population estimate and inject all the tokens into the Liquidity Pool.

According to the estimated growth of World population, the amount of PiplCoins will constantly and instantly decrease, and the value of investment for token holders will instanty increase.

The available amount of PiplCoins in the Liquidity Pool will be used to enable liquid order books and wide market spreads.
Deflationary Currency
Deflationary Currency
At the beginning of the presale, PiplCoin will issue the final quantity of tokens. The amount of tokens will equal to the estimated population number of the World Population Clock.

From that moment on, the total amount of tokens will decrease one by one, according to growth of Global population. This process will increase the value of other tokens, held by holders.
World Population Clock
PiplCoin Issued
Actual Total Supply
Total Supply by January, 2018
Destroyed due January, 2018
Circulating Supply January, 2018
Road Map
Stage 1
Q1 2014
Idea of Shareworking
Stage 2
March 2014
PiplCoin.com registered
Stage 3
Stage 4
Stage 5
Q1 2017
PiplShare Concept
Stage 6
Q2 2017
PiplShare.com (Beta)
Stage 7
July 2017
Stage 8
July & August 2017
PiplCoin ICO presale
Stage 9
September 2017
PiplCoin Global trading
Stage 10
Q1 2018
PiplShare platform
PiplShare Limited | 5 Jupiter House, Calleva Park, Aldermaston, Reading RG7 8NN | United Kingdom